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If the recruit fails to turn up: Confirmation depends on the terms in the contract, as it is not covered by the Employment Act.

Note: The length of an employee's service is calculated from the date on which the employee starts work, and not the date of confirmation.

The loan applications were submitted under the enhanced IFS and re-introduced Spring BL announced by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) in late November 2016.

An M&OE group can borrow up to S million to meet its working capital needs under Spring BL; a company can access up to S million in credit facilities to fund projects under the enhanced IE Singapore IFS.

The matrimonial law of Singapore categorizes marriages contracted in Singapore into two categories: civil marriages and Muslim marriages.

IE Singapore and Spring Singapore have approved loan applications totalling S0 million under the two government agencies' Internationalisation Finance Scheme (IFS) and Bridging Loan (BL), respectively as of April 2017.The agreement can be in writing, verbal, expressed or implied.It can be in the form of a letter of appointment or employment, or an apprenticeship agreement.In both cases, the agencies will co-share the default risks of loans approved with and to be extended by participating financial institutions.MTI rolled out the two schemes with the intent of extending financial support for companies facing difficulties under a severe sectoral downturn.

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After attending the London School of Economics, Lee graduated from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University, with double starred-first-class honours in law.

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