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When I was your age, I would have Loved to be fuckin' doing the things that your doing right now (Fuck that…fuck all this shit-) You- you- you act like I’m not here (Your not! (That’s fine, it’s not your fault) I KILLED MY FUCKIN' FRIENDS! I’m gonna need security in here, and…uh- (gunna need some…inaudible) FUCK! TC, see Tyler, I’m your conscience I’m Tron Cat, I’m Ace, I’m Wolf Haley, I’m...

-) (You aren’t) I'm exactly who you’re supposed to be talking to You don’t fuckin' help me with shit You don’t help me with shit! (mumbling) Yeah, you get that- that- you wouldn’t do that- FUCK YOU! (Me) (his first solo album), Tyler spends it talking to Dr.

Probably cause that motherfuckin embryo was morphing Into a Grammy winning schizophrenic fucking orphan Oops, I mean bastard, a skinny ass disaster Mom works hard, still working on her masters Son lies about, taking classes at community college Just to record some bullshit he calls Bastard Start a fuckin cult, clash his talents in a brash way Before he even had a mustache and cash And all I got was a fuckin' shitty article in Thrasher [Interlude] Alright, just calm down (That ain’t shit, man) Now don’t- don’t- don’t make yourself seem Guilty. (I’ve been asking you this whole time) Because nobody gave a fuck [Outro: Dr.

That- that article was great (No fuck that, nigga-) Your beating yourself up and your living the fuckin' Life right now, okay? TC] Someone gave a fuck Tyler And, uh, the person that gave a fuck was me See, you’re not, going crazy, it’s me, I’m your best friend Tyler I know everything, I know everything about you You’ve been helping yourself this whole time Your friends, they’re just figments of your imagination Dr.

They lived in a big house complete with a handyman (R. He then gets the courage to hit on his young female neighbor duo, but gets taken advantage of in his relax by an older neighbor.

read more Moana Pozzi est un phe'nome`ne, elle posse`de un physique exceptionnel, une sensualite' hors du commun et un formidable appe'tit sexuel qui laisse ses partenaires hommes ou femmes sur le carreau.

TC] Tyler you obviously have some fucking problems And this is the end of this session, let's anything else you've gotta say?

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Needless to say his former best friend is anything but cool with it and therefore trying to get hold of the goods himself....

read more Charming Tabatha Cash plays a seductive nurse who works in a hospital that provides all kinds of treatment to its patients, from traditional medicine and procedures to blowjobs, passionate sex sessions and even unbelievable group orgies.

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