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Also part of their now discontinued Symantec Desktop Firewall (for business customers).

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WARNING PLEASE READ – You CAN webcam or video chat with your IPAD however you will need to install a DIFFERENT browser to the default Safari browser, goto your app store and search for Puffin and install the puffin browser onto your Ipad and you will be able to use the flash version of this site, you will be able to view cams and also use your IPAD cam facility.

You can download Puffin Browser here if you click this link here Once installed click the Puffin Icon on your IPAD’s desktop and come back to our site World of chat and then go back into the i Pad chat rooms section which is at the bottom of the page, any problems ask in the room they will be able to help you solve this problem.

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I was really amazed to see its video calling quality.

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