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Now in her 3rd day of Senate hearings, Kagan has been “grinning gratuitously and grimacing sourly” throughout the barrage of questions.

But, as the Jerusalem Post reports, Kagan has been “holding her own” and confidently cracking “Jewish jokes.” Indeed, when asked by the Senate Judiciary committee where she was on Christmas, Kagan replied are asleep to the Zionist threat of a full Jewish takeover of the nation, (Jews keep the Goyim distracted through Blockbuster and Football Extravaganzas), Elena Kagan represents a host of Anti-Americanism positions that the nation has both historically and traditionally eschewed.

They were Sephardim (Spanish Jews) coming from the Ottoman Empire and Venice and, consequently established the northernmost Sephardi community in Eastern Europe.

They were granted equal rights that included tax exemption for 25 years and the right to establish their own community on condition they accept into their community only Jews of Spanish and Portuguese descent.

The first Jews settled in Zamosc in 1588, eight years after the founding of the town.

But if God had created such a complete human being, why the later separation into two parts, into Adam and Eve?

The answer given is that God did not want this first human creation to be alone, for it would then possess an illusion of self-sufficiency.

Because this is so, judges will often try to mold and steer the law in order to promote certain social ends.

Such activity is not necessarily wrong.” In a speech when acting as the Dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan hailed Israeli Chief Justice Aharon Barak as “my hero,” explaining that her admiration for the Zionist judge was “rooted in her Jewishness and support for Israel.” Kagan specified her praise for the Zionist judge: “Aharon Barak is the judge who has best advanced democracy and human rights in Israel.” (Tell that to the Palestinians Kagan…) a third Zionist Jew is about to be raised to the highest judicial bench of our nation.

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Erdogan, who initially threatened to attach an escort of Turkish warships to accompany the Gaza-bound Rachel Corrie Ship, never made good on his threat.

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