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Thousands of tigers are dying in wretched conditions on farms masquerading as wildlife parks to feed a booming multi-million dollar business in China for wine made with their bones, a Mail Online investigation reveals.

Newly-wealthy Chinese customers who cling to the traditional belief that tiger bone wine makes you stronger and peps up your sex life are paying up to £400 a bottle and driving a phenomenal growth in tiger farming.

The sanyasi's comments are from the statement he gave Kerala Police after being charged under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act for repeatedly raping the now 22-year-old woman over a period of seven years.

According to the police, the swami is a resident of the Padmana Chattambi Swami Ashram, which he joined 15 years ago after deciding to become a spiritual guru.

Since then, 924 laboratory-confirmed cases of human infection with H7N9 virus have been reported, with about one-third of cases resulting in death.A TV station in Shanghai has launched its own version of American hit Sex and the City, called Hot Ladies.The show explores the dysfunctional romantic lives of four 20-something friends in the Chinese city.Employees and residents told us the park will soon be sold by tycoon owner Zhou Weisen to make way for homes and the tigers moved to a new site five miles away which is three times the size to cope with the rocketing tiger population.When the tigers of Xiongsen die, either of old age, illness or fights with other tigers, they are taken to a factory deep in Zhou's hometown, a rural backwater 250 miles from Guilin called Pingnan, where their skeletons are steeped in huge vats of rice wine for up to eight years.

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