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She makes up an excuse to her husband that she has to see Ho-min and rushes off, unaware that In-hwa is watching them, and suspicious over why her brother seems to be so calm.

Likewise, Se-kyung tells Seung-jo that she’ll be heading into her office for a bit and will call him later.

I'm not like that at all." He does not believe in love at first sight but if he had to come up with one physical feature that he finds attractive in a woman, it is the curve of her neck.Whether this is your first drama with Lee or you're a longtime fan, there may be a few facts you don't know about him. Lee made his debut in 1999 and for the last year served as an MC on the show "Strong Heart." The star of "Scent of a Woman," "My Girl," "La Dolce Vita" and "Wild Romance" has always wanted to appear in a historical drama, although he imagined the role he would play would be a warrior or king. "Although I don't have a specific story in mind, later on I want to have the opportunity," said Lee.With his new drama, he has fulfilled half of his wish. "I want to explore an intricate story line revolving around a man and five women." 3. "To be honest, I am not a romantic person," said Lee.In that split second, Tommy leaves the phone back on the coffee table, hopes that Seung-jo will consider his proposal, and leaves.This time, Se-kyung notices Tommy returning the phone, and she starts putting the pieces together.

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