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A n*gga that does not call your phone, he doesn’t want you.” That’s only the start!Blu then claimed Alexis released the tape for her own benefit. You want to expose a sex tape, cause you want to be Kim Kardashian?[Hook] Ay, baby is we having sex tonight, yeah Lurking on your ig baby damn I'm glad you got me Baby, yeah, girl, you be looking sexy, I want it Damn what time you coming?Baby you the one I rock with Baby, yeah, girl, is we gonna flex tonight, driving and swerving you'll get diamonds on perfect, yeah Girl, do you get the message right Zoovie I'ma make you sweat tonight, yeah [Verse 1] She sexy, she sexy I know she wanna sex me The club about to end so I know she 'bout to text me Island on my chain I got your bitch on a jet ski The weed in a stash so 12 don't arrest me She heard I'm the man so you know you couldn't neck shorty I ain't even fuck her all she do is neck me [Verse 2] You the one I want when I spend this cash on, yeah Rolling up the spliff I'ma get my drag on, yeah Icy as a bitch know I get my splash on, yeah Icy on my wrist looking like a bag hun, yeah You can pick a whip plenty keys to grab hun, yeah Pictures of my chain you don't need the flash on, yeah Time to leave the club I threw plenty racks, yeah Ay, I don't wanna dub I smoke out the pack, yeah Ay, I don't want no love 'less your ass is fat, yeah Ay, I'm gon' show you love hitting it from the back Yeah, ay [Hook] Baby is we having sex tonight, yeah Looking at your body baby damn I'm glad you got me Baby, yeah, girl, you be looking sexy, I want it Damn what time you coming?A sex tape emerged recently featuring hip-hop star Fetty Wap and his former significant other, Alexis Sky.On last night’s Loveline with Amber Rose podcast, which was broadcast on Facebook Live, host Amber Rose was able to get both Alexis Sky and Masika, who is the mother of Fetty Wap’s child, to talk about the video. I asked him if there were any girls that think they’re your girlfriend, he said no.

my family is hurt right now so it’s really my family I care about.” On the other hand, Sky didn’t feel that she had anything to apologize for overall.

Fetty Wap, 25, is at the center of a heated dispute between his ex girlfriend, Alexis Sky, and new squeeze, Slevin Monroe (Blu).

The “My Way” artist’s alleged sex tape with Alexis recently leaked, causing their feud to reach new heights.

Related: Amber Rose: ‘I Like to Feed’ “When I was dating Fetty, as far as he told me, I was the only person he was seeing,” Masika said. I asked him if there were any girls that were going to feel any sort of way that we’re together and going these places?

He said I’m not messing with anybody and want to be with you, he wanted to move very fast… I know him very well and I talked to him earlier today.” Meanwhile, Alexis didn’t hold back on her opinions on Masika and saw the timeline very differently than Masika did.

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