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Elaine Carag of Chalk surveys real women behind some of today’s hottest musicians—and here are some of the truths you have to find out about actually being with one! In between him going to band rehearsals, setting up for gigs, packing up after a show, talking to friends, and taking pictures with fans, you are bound to spend the whole night (and/or morning) waiting for him. from a loud, broken-down tour bus because that was the only time I could call. There might be days when the only time we talk is when I call you at 2 a.m. They’re the best of times, and they’re the worst of times.When they’re good they’re all that matters, but when they go sour, they’ll fuck up your life.

Soon enough, you’ll realize that it’s okay to skip a show. When you’ve been at it for long, though, watching him play at the usual bar (his “office”) will, at some point, kind of feel like him watching you type on your computer as you tinker with an Excel worksheet. Even if you’re not the type, you’re sure to be so overcome with pride at some point in his career that you’ll patiently wait backstage, camera, water bottle, and extra t-shirt in hand to support him. Wherever they’re invited to play, there you’ll be, so you’re sure to hang out where you normally wouldn’t even think of going, say, a small campus in a new city, a new bar in your neighborhood, or a huge field out of town. Not only do you get to watch his band and others, you get to do so backstage, side stage, and, sometimes, even on the stage. Speaking of, you’ll definitely have your stage girlfriend moments. No suffocating in crowds or elbowing your way through a mosh pit. His Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will definitely be filled with messages, mentions, and comments from sundry types of people, so you can’t really get mad if he happens to reply to other girls who show an interest in his music. Since his job requires him to play at gigs at some bar or another, your dates are usually relegated in between his work—which usually starts at p.m. Weekends are hectic, too, so weekdays will be your best bets at spending quality time together.

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Even with marijuana’s growing acceptance, several stars have sworn off smoking for a variety of reasons! Kid Cudi Cudi announced he was quitting because he was “happy being a new me.” On As the clock struck midnight and Thursday decided to send its thirsty ass to bed, Fifth Harmony decided to release their first single as a foursome to their hungry fandom.

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