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At the very least you will want one of the js file and one of the css files.This plugin has been published to npm as jquery-powertip.| | For example: | | - Track the position only, use Tool Tip(1,"","","Xcaret Ycaret g TTM_TRACKPOSITION") | | - When X Y are empty (= display near mouse position) you can use TTM_UPDATE | | - Update text only, use Tool Tip(1,"text","","G1"). | | - Update title only, use Tool Tip(1,"","Title","G1") | | - Hide Tool Tip, use Tool Tip(1,"","","g TTM_POP") | | - To show Tool Tip again use Tool Tip(1,"","","g TTM_TRACKPOSITION. So a click will be forwarded to the window underneath Tool Tip | N | Do NOT activate Tool Tip (N1), To activate (show) call Tool Tip(1,"","","g TTM_TRACKACTIVATE") | O | Oval Tool Tip (Balloon Tip). | | - Reqiered to assign Tool Tip to controls and actions. | V | Visible: even when the parent window is not active, a control-Tool Tip will be shown | W | Wait time in seconds (max 30) before Tool Tip pops up when pointing on one of controls. TTM_UPDATE: ; Forces the current tool to be redrawn. 0x1000 : 0), TOOLINFO_%ID%,4), Numput(P, TOOLINFO_%ID%,8), Numput(P, TOOLINFO_%ID%,12) Gosub, TTM_ADDTOOL } TOOLLINK%ID%:=L Return TTN_LINKCLICK: Loop 4 m = *(text 8 A_Index-1) f2:: Gui, lastfound guihwnd := Win Exist() Gui, show, x0 y0 w100 h100, hellworld msgbox, % "gui exist?TTM_TRACKACTIVATE") | | - Update background color text color, specify . Specify O1 to use a Balloon Tip instead of Tool Tip. | X Y | Coordinates where Tool Tip should be displayed, e.g. Dll Call("Send Message", "Uint", TT_HWND, "Uint", %A_This Label%, "Uint", 0, "Uint", 0) Return TTM_TRACKACTIVATE: ; Activates or deactivates a tracking Tool Tip. = " Win Exist("ahk_id " guihwnd) Win Close, ahk_id %guihwnd% msgbox, % "gui exist?For information about working with portal components, see Section 21.5, "Adding Portal Components to a Page Template." Portal components have associated properties that you can use to refine the appearance and behavior of a component instance.

Out-of-the-box, they are available in the Default Page Template Catalog.

Important notes: You will still need to include the CSS in your web page.

Power Tip also supports the AMD loading specification used by Require JS.

The first step for using this plugin in your project is to include the needed files.

The most direct way to install this plugin is to download the latest version from the project page and copy the needed file into your project.

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Power Tip supports the Common JS loading specification.

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