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Stoma are also bordered by sunken guard cells that are not visible). Die Koniferen der Mastixioideen-Flora von Wiesa bei Kamenz (Sachsen, Miozn) unter bes. [Conifers of the Mastixioideae-flora-from Wiesa near Kamenz (Saxony, Miocene)].

Their surrounding papillose cells are referred to as accessory cells.

A mystery continues to surround the curious excavation of a strange artifact and those who recovered it from the depths of an ancient tomb in China.

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Tiny hands on the watch showed time had frozen at .

Most astonishing of all, the back of the diminutive watch was said to have the word “Swiss” or “Switzerland” written in English.

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The subsidiary cells and accessory cells are all papillose in contrast to midrib and marginal cells.

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