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During the customary introductions, she told us she was here as part of her university studies, and over the next six weeks would be conducting an anthropological study into the Serbian dating scene.

On that note, she wanted to know if we had any single male Serbian friends interested in taking her out. With no 'data collection samples’ to suggest, we watched her wander off, no doubt in search of an eligible case study.

While Millennial courtship rituals are distinctly different from those of previous generations, say those who study the scene, survey after survey indicates that Millennials do want to be married, they do want the house in the suburbs and the kids.

But they also want to be careful – they are postponing marriage longer than any generation before them."Millennials believe in marriage and lifelong commitment but are also more relaxed about sex, dating, and living together" than their Generation X and boomer parents, says Pamela Smock, a professor of sociology and director of the Population Studies Center at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Much of Monticello's ambivalence about marriage, she says, is the result of her childhood in the 1980s and '90s spent watching her parents and their friends contribute to the highest divorce rates in US history.

That ambivalence is also seen in the whole new world of courtship created by her generation – Millennials or Generation Y generally includes those born between 19.

We don’t chafe, for example, at working under a younger boss. They’ve revived the ancient traditions of our grandparents: martinis, old-fashioned cocktails like grasshoppers and mint juleps and, well, old fashioneds. They open restaurants— really good restaurants—whose menus and aesthetics harken back to the 19th century, staffed by waiters who take everything very seriously. Gentle, chatty movies and TV shows, not a series of scenes, but rather riffs of tone and mood. Another is that you risk pissing people off—people you like.

They crave entertainment, but their attention span is as short as one zap of a TV dial. What they hold dear are family life, local activism, national parks, penny loafers and mountain bikes.” (Penny loafers? ) Back then we Gen Xers defended our collective honor by alternating between the “we do not suck, at least not in the way you say we suck” and “anyway, if we do suck, it’s your fault, old farts” arguments.

The old were reserved, quiet and conservative, even reactionary. Neil Howe and William Strauss’ landmark book “Generations,” which traces the identities of American generations through popular culture and politics back to the colonial era, depicts dozens of epic clashes between old codgers vs. Millennials are old and naive and earnest and retro. Opening concert greeting: “Hey.” Graphic novels where it takes six pages for a leaf to fall off a tree. After decades of warnings, the planet is finally, really, irreversibly, ruined. One problem with writing about generational politics is that it requires sweeping generalizations. And of course there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.

) Maybe the Millennials secretly hate us—you’d have to ask them—but if they do, they’re doing an excellent job of hiding it. The young were loud, obnoxious, demanding and politically radical. We voted Green Party and never looked back, or for Obama but never expected much. Millennial pop culture is about flat affect: mumblecore movies and all-attitude-no-plot TV shows like “Arrested Development,” emo-influenced music, giant dollops of special nostalgia sauce everywhere, every member of every band dressed like they’re showing up to roof your house (but with Taliban beards). Which was one of the things Xers hated about Boomers (Xers hate a lot): they came so close to revolution and they friggin’ gave up. They’ve been horribly screwed—even more than us Gen Xers, and make no mistake, we were hosed big time. They will never make much money or get any government benefits or get much of anything out of the system. They devote their free time to movies about comic-book heroes, to video games and to fantasy football. But perhaps what we really need to do is put on suits and take our wives out for expensive dinners, like our dads before us.” That burns. My fogey parents proselytized about Benny Goodman and Benny Hill and the Four Tops, and guess what, it didn’t take.

This undoubtedly stems from the very defined gender roles in Serbian culture, which are also particularly noticeable when it comes to the dating dress code.

Here, it seems you are either a masculine man or a feminine woman. Men tend to have a rugged edge and would never be seen wearing skinny jeans, while women don't hold back on anything, their appearances meticulously put together with hair done, nails painted and makeup perfectly applied.

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Ich datete Jüngere und Ältere, ich datete in den folgenden vier Jahren mehr Männer, als in den zehn Jahren davor. Tinder ist der Charakter meiner Generation in App-Form und besagter Bekannter ist ein sehr extremer Vertreter.

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