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When I was 7 years old, my father took me away from my mother without her consent and sent me to live with my grandmother in a village 100 km away -- a decision that was completely legal under Islamic Law.

Because of another antiquated law my mother was not even able to gain visitation rights, and that was the moment that everything changed.

My mother’s fight to regain custody of me ignited in her a desire to fight for the rights of others around the country, and since then she has spent her life speaking out and calling for reform in Saudi Arabia.

She was the first female lawyer in Saudi Arabia to present a case in front of the courts, supports efforts to give women the right to drive, has long called for the government to take a stronger stand against terrorism, and along with her friend and fellow activist Raif Badawi started the Saudi Liberal Network, an organization that stands up for progressive causes in the country.

The religious police are charged with enforcing rules about modest dress, and keeping unmarried or unrelated men and women from fraternizing.

A nearby restaurant manager ushers us into a separate "family section" - a place where men can sit with their wives, or women can sit together at booths surrounded by curtains.

They have threatened to kill her and her children, my 4 brothers and sisters and me, which has always terrified her.

Yasser is homosexual, or so we would describe him in the West, and the barbershop we visited caters to gay men. Leaving the barbershop, we drove onto Tahlia Street, a broad avenue framed by palm trees, then went past a succession of sleek malls and slowed in front of a glass-and-steel shopping center. Whereas most such establishments have a family section, two of this area’s cafés allow only men; not surprisingly, they are popular among men who prefer one another’s company.

Yasser gestured to a parking lot across from the shopping center, explaining that after midnight it would be “full of men picking up men.” These days, he said, “you see gay people everywhere.” Yasser turned onto a side street, then braked suddenly. He wasn’t worried about the gay-themed nature of his tour—he didn’t want to be caught alone with a woman.

“If you go out with a girl, people will start to ask her questions.

But if I have a date upstairs and my family is downstairs, they won’t even come up.” Notorious for its adherence to Wahhabism, a puritanical strain of Islam, and as the birthplace of most of the 9/11 hijackers, Saudi Arabia is the only Arab country that claims sharia, or Islamic law, as its sole legal code.

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