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How do you navigate office politics, seeing each other daily, and any legal and ethical issues that might come up?The Good Most likely, you’ll find very few firms or companies that have policies against dating someone at work.No-one says anything to discourage you from chatting up someone you fancy at a bar, even though that attraction has nothing to go on bar looks and the snippets of conversation that you manage to hear above the music.If you know a person socially or through work and you develop a crush on them, then it’s probably down to more than just their looks. And yet that’s when we tell ourselves NOT to go for it. I got together with my boyfriend after living with him for four years as housemates, and it’s worked out for us so far.No-one wants to eat breakfast next to someone who has rejected them. But from the way we cling to ‘the housemate/colleague rule’ you’d think it was enforced by a crack squad of detectives. (Unless you’re the manager of the person you fancy…) We put those rules there so that we can hide behind them when we’re faced with the fear of telling someone we really care about how we feel. If you’re just physically attracted to the other person, then it’s probably not worth stirring up potential trouble.But if you have strong feelings for someone, someone you already know inside out, then why would you throw obstacles in your own path? Yes, even in the best case scenario there’s an awkward period where you both have to adjust to a new and strange dynamic while your other housemates/colleagues/friends watch you both like you’re their new favourite reality TV show. But if this person is really a friend, then at least it’ll be the gentlest rejection you ever get. Factors in your favor include the fact that working together may allow you to observe this person’s strengths and weaknesses in a non-dating environment.

If working in close proximity to your love interest makes it tough to keep your personal life from affecting your professional productivity, then dating a co-worker might not be the best choice.Certainly, the organization may have a nepotism policy, but you’ll only need to be concerned about that if you eventually marry the person.There are plenty of great things about dating that perfect someone at work.Is this something we have to bring up with our boss? Thanks, BG Dear BG: It is not surprising that you have gotten into a relationship with someone at work.You spend about a third of your life while you’re awake at work.

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