Updating netid byname callback timed out

mknetid generates the netid.byname NIS map from the contents of the group(5), passwd(5), hosts(5) and netid files.

It checks for multiple entrys of netids and warn for them or filters them out.

The problem I am getting is that when I run make, I get a "Callback timed out" error like the following: # /usr/lib64/yp/ypinit -s nfs1 We will need a few minutes to copy the data from nfs1.

If there were warnings, please figure out what went wrong, and fix it.

The The device driver participates in interrupt resource management.

The device driver may receive additional interrupt resources from the system, but only because it can accept callback notices informing it when it has more or less resources available.

In response, I am told: gmake[1]: Entering directory `/var/yp/my.domain.org' Updating passwd.byname... put ( modify(s) ); =========== now I get as a result "CUT", and i dont understand why i get this result. ""It's nicer than Vista, faster than XP -- almost a dream OS." I�ve installed various flavors of Linux and continually had lockups/hard freezes (No Num Lock or Caps lock... Flavors of Linux that I tried were Ubuntu (7.04 64bit, 7.10 32bit and 64bit, 8.04 Alpha4 64bit), Debian Etch 64bit, Debian Lenny 64bit. t=587905&highlight=freeze&page=60 Moshe Goldfarb wrote: The Ubuntu forums clearly show this. The Jaunty Crapalope freezing thread now has nearly 600 posts.

"Heroes" again, or "Linux in the Wild" or "Linux on TV", this time with screenshots Allrighty, doubters and wintrolls. They are effectively read-only within the scope of the called subprogram.

My NIS/yp network has been using passwd.* and group.* maps for a long time.Hi Patrick, Are you actually running the rpc.ypxfrd daemon on your master server which must be present so that a slave can do NIS mapping transfers ? See ya Dean Thompson -- ____________________________ ____________________________________________ | Dean Thompson | E-mail - Dean. Computing (Hons) | ICQ - 45191180 | | Ph D Student | Office - | | School Comp. It is only called by /var/yp/Makefile when rebuilding the NIS map.function installs a callback handler which processes various actions that require the driver's attention while it is attached.

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