Who is the miz dating

However, they’re claiming that The Miz was seen being spoken to backstage regarding his promo.

Apparently, Renee didn’t like the line The Miz used, as the original plan was for the Intercontinental Champion to say she was the one dating Ambrose, and not sleeping with him.

It’s no secret that both Bryan and Miz can’t stand each other.

This is what Maryse had to offer for Cena & Nikki’s relationship: “I think they’re a fraud. ' I personally think that he’s with her because he needs to make himself look good.” The rumours suggest that these are some actual gossips that are nurtured by the blue brand roster members. Then she becomes the longest reigning Divas champion in history.” Quite seemingly, this is going to be a personal rivalry that might take over Wrestlemania.WWE fans were in for a surprise this week on Smack Down Live, when Renee Young slapped The Miz in the middle of the ring.The Miz was just coming off a successful Intercontinental Championship defence against Apollo Crews, and as usual, Renee was in the ring for the post-match interview.See more » While viewing the photos from Todd's accident, Shawn notices brake fluid on the ground and declares that the "accident" was no "accident".However, the brake fluid trail is located next to a complete dark set of skid marks, which means the tires were locked and skidding.

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